I must admit, I was drawn to Selligent‘s booth at Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit mainly because of their margarita machine and fun schwag. But it turns out they had some valuable insights on creating a loyal customer base that you can apply to your overseas strategy. I’ve shared a few below. And here is […]

All too often US-based e-tailers fall victim to analysis paralysis. While building a long-term strategy for global ecommece is no small feat, getting started is about incremental growth. As Carl Miller, Founder of The GRINlabs likes to say to cross-border sellers, “Think like a start-up. Build incrementally.” And what we […]

While Canadians are shopping online more than ever, they’re still lagging behind their neighbours to the south because, well… online shopping from Canada can be immensely frustrating. Though most Canadians would prefer to buy from local companies, they’re also shopping online because they’re looking for the best deals. And given […]

Talking to Clint is like talking to your cousin, the good one, about the ins and outs of embedded online cross-border software solutions. He is straight forward, likeable and knowledgeable, without any pretension or “salesiness”. Ok, maybe none of my cousins fit this description… So here Clint Reid of iGlobal Stores spilling […]

Hello. My name is Josh Halpern. I am the Director of the eCommerce Innovation Lab which is part of the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The industry partners running this site have asked me to mention a few things here. So here goes. I’ve shed the suit and […]